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A Revival of Expression

Minneapolis College Front-End Web Development Project.

I had the great opportunity to lead a group of Minneapolis College, Front End Web Development Students as we built a website for the Minneapolis College School of Apparel Technologies' 2023 Portfolio Show.

We worked closely with student representatives from the Apparel Technologies graduation class to see this project through from concept to completion. It was such a tremendous pleasure to build something that showcased the creativity of my fellow students.


Wild West Weed Fest

@Fire & Nice Alehouse

Just finished with a fun project for Fire & Nice Alehouse! The Wild West Weed-Fest was a raucous celebration of MN Breweries and local Minneapolis dispensaries. There was sampling of THC seltzers and other legal THC products, as well as glass blowing demonstrations and games!

It was really fun and gratifying working with the team at Fire & Nice to develop the branding for this event, developing promotional materials, t-shirts, and branded glassware!

I'm looking forward to my next project with Fire & Nice; our annual Pride Weekend celebration! Stay tuned!

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